Funny, sincere and always smiling are words that describe contemporary pop/country artist, Tim Angsten. His infectious personality shines in everything he does, whether he’s writing songs, performing live or hanging with family and friends. He’s constantly making people laugh and everyone he meets is quick to become part of “The Angsten Pack.” Angsten's hybrid sound finds a way to mix modern country with the high energy of 90’s pop/rock and the vocal elegance of The Beach Boys. Since 2015 he has released three albums. All of which Angsten recorded and produced himself at his studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

Born on June 16th, 1986 to Henry Angsten, a steel industry entrepreneur, and Beth Angsten, an obstetrician, Angsten started his pursuit of music at a young age. Growing up in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin he took piano lessons in the second grade but it wasn't until he was 10 years old that Angsten found his true passion for music. It was after watching the movie “That Thing You Do”, written and produced by Tom Hanks, that Angsten knew he found his true musical calling. It was this story about a one hit wonder pop/rock band that motivated Angsten to open up to a whole new world of music. He taught himself how to play drums and soon asked his father to teach him to play guitar. After learning a few chords and listening to records his father recommended, which included The Beach Boys, Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis, Angsten immersed himself in songwriting.

Alone in his room, Angsten would write and record music on a four track digital recorder for hours on end. By the time he was 14 he was performing in bars with his brother, sister and father in their family band American Pie. With music blaring through the smoky bars, Angsten would continue to chase his musical dreams for years to come. Throughout his high school and college years he formed numerous bands and made many achievements including performing at Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Summer Fest, one of the Midwest’s major music festivals. Angsten also played bass for singer/songwriter Jon Troast where he got the opportunity to open for the band America in Whitewater Wisconsin.

After graduating from college Angsten worked as a recording/production teacher at a local music conservatory, but knew he wouldn’t be satisfied if he gave up on his pursuit of music. So in 2011, Angsten left home to chase his dreams in Austin, Texas. For 5 years Angsten worked on honing his skills. He had the honor of working with many amazing Texas artists, including Sonny Burgess and the now Nashville based pop/country singer songwriter Abby Anderson.

In late 2015 Angsten moved to Tennessee and now lives just outside of Nashville with his wife and two children, working hard to establish himself in Music City. He performs weekly on Lower Broadway in some of the most well known honky tonks Nashville has to offer, including Legends Corner, The Stage and Tootsies. He has also performed The Bluebird Cafe and Listening Room with some of Nashville’s hottest up and coming hit song writers. Angsten is excited to see where his future takes him and looks forward to all the hard work it will require.